GLASS/HOUSE is a unique design store in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. We had a specific philosophy in mind when we set up this store – as the name of the store implies, it was our goal to create a place that nurtures hungarian design and hungarian values in general on the one hand, and a quality lifestyle that focuses on the appreciation of the objects surrounding us on the other.

Everything is personal about our shop: our customers can meet the designer sisters, Luca and Zsófi any time, who willingly talk about the objects and jewellery they make by hand. Our shop also represents our selection of some of the best artisan wine-cellars and delicacy manufacturers of Hungary, thus favouring the gourmet of wine and design.     



Luca Kohut-Görömbei graduated from the Glass Department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in 2008 in Budapest, Hungary. Since graduation she has been working on a special fusing technology, while doing research on various ways of its implementation. She creates objects from this special lamellated glass, ranging from jewellery to tableware and sculptures. She received a rectorial special prize in 2008 and a design award in 2009 for the innovative use of this technology - since then, her objects have been displayed in several art galleries and art fairs in Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium and the United States, Dubai, London. She focuses on working in symbiosis with the material, while never ceasing to respect optics and the characteristic features of glass.    



Zsófi Görömbei graduated from MOME in 2010 in the Department of Architecture. During and after university she has won several competitions and special awards in architecture and interior design. Her work has adopted an approach to architectural design that is characteristic of the principles of the MOME Architecture Department: a holistic approach to architecture, interior design and the design of objects, applying the same acute attention to both concept and detail - whatever the project may be. Her objects feature an unmistakable architectural attitude, a unique design where quality is never compromised.